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As a trained graduate teacher, I am very much involved in the running of the school fulltime. The school is ranked among the best in the county offering both cbc and 8.4.4. At TAI GROUP OF SCHOOLS, we are committed to enhancing the growth of your child's education development.The knowledge children learn in schools will help them face the challenges ahead. We as parents and guardians therefore need to equip these young ones to keep them abreast with the changes that will enable them to be valuable members of our community.

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Welcome to The Tai group of Schools

    • You are only a step away from joining this unique Learning Insitution.

    • The Tai group of Schools, Dagoretti, is a mixed day pre- and primary school which educates and nartures children to a wholistic and responsible individual who can exploit his or her potential in order to positively transform the society. We are also committed to eguiping the pupils to meet the changing needs of society, exploiting the proffessional potential of the teachers and cultivating a happy and conducive environment at school. We develop individual portfolios that demostrate each child's unique abilities, achievements and progress through authentic samples of their work and detailed notes from ongoing observations. In terms of curriculum design, we have given autonomy to our dedicated and experienced teachers to create appropriate and stimulating activities to ensure that your child individual needs are met. We have standard classroom that allow for educational develoment of your child before and after school programs.
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In the year 2012, The Tai group of Schools was established in Kirigu, Mutui-ini Location, Dagoretti South in Nairobi County, Kenya with an aim of creating a happy and stimulating environment in which children enjoy learning and are encouraged to do their best. The Tai group of Schools is dedicated to research driven practice. Every decision holds us to the highest standard of creating the optimal conditions for children to learn. We are rooted in what we value as fundamental rights of children.

The curriculum

There are seven key areas that are particularly important in cultivating the growth of your child's educational development. These are:

  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Self-efficacy
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Citizenship
  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Learning to Learn

Going Green(CSR)

At The Tai group of Schools students are taught the importance of Corporate Social reasponsibility (CSR) for a clean environment for a greener mother earth based on Agenda IV of the the UN-HABITAT

Covid-19 Pandemic

    This is a time for prudence, not panic. Science, not stigma. Facts, not fear. Even though the situation has been classified as a pandemic, The Tai Group of Schools has implemented the following protocals to slow down transmissions, prevent infections and save lives:

    • Observing social distance
    • Enough water and hand sanitization
    • Extremely clean classrooms
    • Modern toilets which are children-friendly
    • 24/7 security with CCTV

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    • “...The Tai group of Schools is the school of this age and relevantly so. The school gives us the best and every teacher knows every child. Great teachers and spacious learning environment"---Mama Sharon

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Kirigu, Dagoretti Market, Behind Mutu-ini District Hospital